Providing innovative solutions for tomorrow’s energy industry

With the transition into renewable energy, the focus on the supporting technologies has never been more crucial. PCL Group ensures energy efficient systems are supplied and installed to complement the development of the wind and water resources around our coast.

Renewable industry IT services

PCL Group is at the forefront of meeting the demands of this new technological era, having already built and delivered servers capable of operating in harsh environments. We provide the capability to store and handle data being transferred via acoustic sounding, on behalf of a technology dependent and service delivery company which specialises in 3D and 4D subsea acoustic imaging.

Our in-house capabilities also means that we can reduce company downtime by providing a repair and maintenance service which can be carried out here in the UK.

As a company PCL Group is demonstrating that much of the existing subsea innovation and skills sets can be transferred to the renewable energy sector and supporting this form of energy is now an important branch of our corporate portfolio.


PCL Group support for renewable technology

PCL Group CEO Jeanette Forbes was one of a team of people representing supply vessel masters and captains who had concerns over the proposed location of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre in Aberdeen Bay. As a result of research and discussion among the various parties a new location, which did not compromise operational, navigational and safety issues was agreed.

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